Motorcycle Rentals and Quad Buggy Safari Tours Paphos Cyprus


a)  Insurance Type: Motorcycles, Quads and UTV are covered by 3rd party insurance by Cyprus Law. This covers damages to other vehicles or persons but not damages to our vehicles. Because of the law no rental office can offer full insurance for hired vehicles. The insurance doesn't covers flat tires and recovery service.

b)  Breakdowns: (i) In case of a breakdown, our assistance ensures that we will promptly respond in case of a breakdown by fixing or replacing your bike. (ii) Charges can be applied in case the Vehicle Usage Conditions (VUC) are ignored and for offering recovery service in regions outside Paphos. (iii) Running out of fuel and flat tire are not included in the free support. (iiii) Vehicles are fully maintained and checked prior to renting out, the company is not obliged to offer partial or full refund in case of any type of breakdown.

c)  Early Returns/Cancellations: No refunds are given for early returns or cancellations but exemptions can be made.

d)  Late Returns: Any unreasonable late returns will be followed by a €10 charge per hour. You can inform us about the delay but charges can be made for not doing so.

e)  Road Fines: Any road fines are driver’s responsibility to pay at the appropriate authority office.

f)  Damages: Any damages or breakdowns inflicted by driving off-road (i.e. Akamas), ignoring the vehicle usage conditions (VUC), driver’s negligence, extreme or dangerous driving will have to be covered by the driver.

g) Driver's Responsibility: Drivers are expected to monitor their vehicle, oils in case of long term, tire condition, temperature and report in case of a problem. Failure to report could lead to even further damages in which case charges can be made. (i.e. driving with fully deflated tire)

h) Day Hire/Returning: 1 day rental is a working day and is from 09:00 until 5pm. 2 days or more the hired vehicle is returned the next day at closing time. Special exceptions outside this time frame can be made upon request and applied if possible.

i) The Right to Decline: The company has the right to decline hiring or recall a vehicle back without a refund in case of not satisfactory driving experience or other restrictions.  


Vehicle Usage Conditions (VUC)

1)   Buggies/UTV/Quads are for use only within Paphos city and selected areas. Company may prohibit driving to certain locations.

2) 50cc and 125cc scooters are for use within certain areas in Paphos region (20-25km ration). Some areas in our city have very steep uphills for a small engine.

3) Scooters and road vehicles are only for road use. Off road driving (i.e. Lara Bay, Akamas, Adonis Waterfalls) will lead to a full charge on the deposited amount.

4)   Buggies are only for on-road use.

5)   Driving any vehicle on the beach sand is not allowed as it may cause damages in the engine, wheels and rescue car might be necessary.

6)   Loss of key will result a 20 euro charge for replacement. Loss of other equipement (i.e. helmets, security locks) will cost accordingly.

7)   Driving to the occupied area of the island also known as 'North' is not allowed primarily for safety and insurance reasons.

8) Extreme, fast or dangerous driving is not accepted and the company can confiscate the vehicle without refund.

9) Under Cyprus law passengers on quad bikes, mopeds and motorcycles must be no under 12 years old.


1 ) Only drivers with a valid driving license can operate the vehicle.

2) Health issues such as breathing, bee allergies or other must be reported to the guider prior to departure (confidential info).

3) Operators drive under their own responsibility. Dangerous driving (i.e. speeding, sliding, racing) is not accepted and guider can ultimately stop the tour without any refund.

4) Trespassing the guider strictly not allowed.

5) Any damages caused from negligent or dangerous driving have to be covered by the driver.

6) Drivers must follow the guider's instructions for the overall safety of the tour.

7) In the event of a breakdown during the tour the support team will  check out the vehicle and replace it with the same type of vehicle or alternative if necessary.

8) No refund  is given for a mechanical breakdown unless a replacement did not occur.

9) The route as seen in some promotional brochures can be altered slightly due bad road conditions or other obstacles.

10) The length of the tour is estimated on average, it can take longer or less depending on traffic, size of group, terrain conditions etc.








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