Covid-19: High-end Service for the Summer season of 2020

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At TT Motorcycle Rentals & Tours we have been through many challenging seasons though Covid-19 is surely the biggest so far.

Cyprus has performed incredibly well and put the cases under control quickly however the Tourism sector won’t recover soon and for sure it won’t be the same.

Therefore our focus right now into new ways of offering our services to adopt to these changes.

Here are some of the few services that will be available throughout the whole season:

  1. Delivery of rental vehicle to accommodation: means that you can book and have your vehicle delivered directly at your door.
  2. Easy online and card payments without cash exchanging .
  3. Private group option for joining one of our adventure ATV tours: means that no matter if you are single person, couple, family or friends you can do the tour with your own group only
  4. Equipment and store hygiene will be intensified in all shops

Wanna find out more about our commitment to tackle Covid-19 or have any other inquiries? Feel free to contact us or visit our website to learn more about our services

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