Travel tips and license

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  • By law both drivers and passengers on any 2-wheel motorcycle and quad bike have to wear a helmet.
  • Helmets at different styles and sizes are provided by us at no extra costs.

Speed limits

  • Driving around the city, in general terms, the speed limit is 50 km. You can also meet signs pointing speed limits up to 80 km or even 100 km on high speed roads such as motorways. Always check speed signs.
  • At zebra crossings and many low speed streets the speed limits can be maximum 30 km.

Driving side

  • In Cyprus we drive on the Left hand side of the road.
  • Cars coming from the right have priority but don’t go in blindly because of that.

Driving around

  • Always pay attention on street. We recommend keeping a good distance from buses, taxis and cars since they can do sudden stops.
  • If you see a vehicle with red number plates then is probably a hired car. It would be a good idea to keep some distance since the visitor might be very fresh on new streets.
  • It is recommended to drive at your own tempo in speed. If the behind cars are in a hurry let them pass you when they have got the chance.
  • We recommend avoiding any unnecessary trespassing especially of long vehicles and when upcoming turns are forward. Don’t be surprised if a car doesn’t indicate on turning.
  • In Cyprus we have got a good number of stray cats. Unfortunately on confusion a cat might try to wrongly cross a street so driver should be alert.

Mountain drive

  • Of course a drive towards the mountains and villages should not be missed. Be aware however of the road conditions and the possibility of meeting a lively herd of goats or chicken on your way.
  • The mountains are usually snake-shaped with many turns. We would recommend to avoid unnecessary trespassing and on close turns to watch for any upcoming vehicles.

Illegal photographs

  • To avoid unwanted trouble avoid taking photographs near security sensitive areas such as army camps and airports. Normally there should be warning signs.

Hot asphalt

  • It is wonderful to drive and feel the asphalt burning. However water on very hot asphalt can make the street slightly slippery.
  • Make sure you are hydrated and drink plenty of water especially during the super hot season.


  • If your adventure spirit is calling for natural off-road areas, that’s great!
  • When reaching any off-road land you should drive at slow speeds since sea-rocks or loop holes might be camouflaged in the semi-desert terrain.
  • Avoid driving on the beach sand since there is a high chance of been stuck leading to time-waste until service comes, charges, and damages on vehicle.
  • Avoid also driving in risky surfaces or dangerous cliffs, many areas have no protective barriers.

Driving license categories

See the table below which indicates what you can drive with your license status:

CATEGORY50 cc125 cc400 ccAny ccQuadsBuggies

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