Driving licence categories in Cyprus. All you need to know.

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What vehicle can I drive with my driving license in Cyprus?

Through my work and driving experience (both good and bad) I understood that driving with the wrong category of license can get you and the person or company which gave you a vehicle into insurance trouble which trust me can be costly!

So after realizing that not only visitors in the island but also many locals don’t understand the difference of the categories I decided to write this short blog in the hope that it will be useful.

You can see a table with the categories and more info here. http://www.paphosmotorcyclerentals.com.cy/driving-cyprus

Firstly you can check out what you already got by checking at the front and back side of your driving license. Look at the images below.

The most common category you will see is the B category which is the standard when you pass a test to get your full driving license.

Under this category you can drive any car (not with a carriage van) or a 50cc scooter or a quad bike and buggy.

At the license below which is mine you can see that I have more than B categories see A1, A2 and A.

  • AM: Small Mopeds 50 cc
  • B: Cars, Quads, Buggies, Mopeds 50 cc
  • A1: Small motorcycles up to 125 cc (max power 11 kW)
  • A2: Medium Motorcycles up to 35 kW (usually about 500 cc)
  • A: Any motorcycle

Looking for more details? Check out this site too

Hope this gives an idea that it is important to drive a vehicle with the right category to avoid been uninsured on roads.

To ask anything regarding the requirements in order to hire anything in Cyprus comment below or email me anytime.

CATEGORY50 cc125 cc400 ccAny ccQuadsBuggies

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