Motorcycle Rentals and Quad Buggy Safari Tours Paphos Cyprus

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to drive to the Turkish side?

-Unfortunately driving at the occupied North part of Cyprus is not allowed with our vehicles. Lack of knowledge of the driving conditions, safety and complexities in the event of a problem are the main reasons.

  1.   What about the fuel?

-As a general rule vehicle has to be returned with the same fuel level as taken. Tank can be full on request. 

  1.   What do I need to rent out a vehicle?

- The appropriate driving license and relevant experience for the vehicle you are interested. See our driving tips & license for info regarding driving license allowance.

- To agree to our Terms & Conditions.

  1.   Can I pay by visa or cash?

- It is possible to pay by Visa or cash.  

  1.   Do you need a rental deposit?

-A deposit is required in order to rent. The amount is returned at the end of your rental period. The amount ranges from €100-€500 depending on the model.

  1.   What if there is damage?

-In the unfortunate event of a damage there is a cost evaluation and the amount needed to replace the parts is deducted from the deposit (i.e. if a mirror is broken we will ask to recover the mirror only). If the damages exceed the deposit then a bigger amount can be asked after mutually agree with the customer.

  1.   What happens in case of a breakdown?

-Our free after-rent support means that we will promptly response and provide assistance all the way until our recovery team arrives to  you. Our after-rent service is free except in case of flat tire or running out of fuel to which charges can be made.

  1.   Can you recommend some areas to drive to?

-We would be thrilled to use our local knowledge and give genuine suggestions based on your preferred type of vehicle.

  1.   What if I want to keep the bike for longer?

- It is easy to extent the rental period by a notification and as long as the bike is not reserved. The extension rate will be lower as if taken the bike for longer days

  1.   What is the minimum speed limit?

- Speed limits vary according to the road conditions. In communal areas it can be between 30-50km/h but you can see signs of 60-80km/h on wider roads. At the motorway is 100km/h.

  1.   Do I need to wear helmets?

- By law you are required to wear helmets for all quad bikes and motorcycles. The current fine is 85 Euros per passenger. Different sizes and styles are provided free at our shops.

  1.   Do you do deliveries or pickups?

- We offer free hotel or airport transfers within Paphos town. For areas outside Paphos we do special arrangements and deliveries at a certain cost. We can deliver in most of the areas in the island. Contact us if you are unsure of the possibility mentioning your location.

  1.   Can I secure a booking of bike or a tour online?

- Yes normally with a hefty discount! All guided safari tours can be fully booked through our platform. Motorcycles and other vehicles can be reserved by an online payment of 10% of the agreed amount. You can also contact us on e-mail, telephone or a visit at any of our shops. 

  1.   When and what time do you do the tours?

- Tours are available everyday (except Sunday) based on demand. Flexible times during the day.

  1.   Are you open throughout the year?

- Offices are open all year around. Normal hours from 9am-6pm during summer season (some variations in winter season). We are also available for contact outside working hours.

  1.   What do you require to join one of the tours?

- Drivers need to be over 18 and own a valid driving license.

- To accept our tour safety driving terms and follow guiders instructions


     Have any questions? Contact us anytime and one of us will get back to you with useful answers immediately. 






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