Motorcycle road awareness to prevent the risk of an accident

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The daily act of riding a motorcycle exposes riders to potential dangers on the road. However, with a few practices and rules everyone can enhance motorcycle awareness to prevent accident risk and accidents. In this article, we will explore some key aspects of motorcycle road awareness that every rider should keep in mind. We also included pro tips based on our local knowledge of Cyprus. Please note that wearing protective gear is not included in this discussion, as it should always be a priority for every rider.

1. Speeding

Let’s start with the most obvious one, speeding. While it may be tempting to go faster than necessary for an adrenaline rush, it is crucial to remember that public roads are filled with numerous threats. According to motorcycle data, for every 10 km/h increase, the risk of an accident increases by 33 percent. This means that reaction time is decreased while the impact of a potential collision increases significantly. As a rule of thumb, save the speed stunts for the racing circuit and always ride responsibly.

2. Mobile usage whilst driving a car

In today’s modern world, drivers often use their mobile devices while operating their vehicles. Cyprus is unaffected from this unfortunately. Until strict regulations are put in place, there is little that can be done to prevent this dangerous behavior. Many drivers traditionally used their mobile phones for talking while driving, but now, scrolling through social media feeds or messaging apps has become commonplace. This distraction makes them oblivious to their surroundings and significantly increases the risk of accidents. As a motorcyclist, it’s crucial to stay alert and anticipate the unpredictable actions of distracted drivers.

3. Avoid unnecessary trespasses, keep distance from others

Motorcycle road awareness also involves respecting boundaries and avoiding unnecessary trespasses. It is essential to understand and adhere to traffic rules, signs, and signals. Never try to maneuver through tight spaces between vehicles or overtake recklessly. Such actions put you at a higher risk of colliding with other vehicles, and the consequences can be severe.

Pro Tip: Drive in a predictive manner. Think in case you have a car in front and there are upcoming turns. What could go wrong, a car can turn without indicating.

4. Know your environment Rural or City?

Understanding the environment in which you are riding is vital for motorcycle safety. Rural and urban areas present different challenges, and being aware of these distinctions can help you anticipate potential risks. In rural areas, factors such as winding roads, wildlife crossings, and limited emergency services may demand extra caution. In contrast, urban areas are characterized by heavy traffic, frequent lane changes, and pedestrian crossings. Knowing what to expect in each setting will help you ride defensively and adapt to the specific road conditions accordingly.

Pro Trip: In Cyprus, when driving up to the mountains lets say to Troodos there are a lot of chances to encounter bunch of stones resting in the centre of the road after a rock slide.

5. Observe weather conditions

Weather conditions play a significant role in road safety for motorcyclists. Rain, fog, strong winds, and other adverse weather phenomena can greatly affect visibility and the overall handling of your motorcycle. Always check the weather forecast before embarking on a ride, and if the conditions are unfavorable, consider postponing your journey. When riding in inclement weather becomes inevitable, make sure to adjust your speed, increase your following distance, and be extra cautious when braking or turning.

Pro Tip: In Cyprus during the months of February to April we can have unstable and various weather conditions including local and intense rain for a short period of time. On the hand, during the hot season such as July and August is paramount of important to be careful from having a heatstroke resulted from too much expose under sun and dehydration.

6. Never drive when emotional unstable

Motorcycles provide a sense of freedom and liberation, often serving as a form of therapy for many riders. However, it is crucial to never operate a motorcycle when emotionally unstable. Strong emotions such as anger, sadness, or extreme stress can impair your focus, decision-making abilities, and reaction times. It’s important to prioritize your mental well-being and ensure that you are in a calm and stable state of mind before getting on your motorcycle.

7. Again, never drink and drive

This point cannot be stressed enough: never drink and drive. Operating a motorcycle requires utmost concentration, balance, and coordination. Alcohol impairs all of these essential skills, significantly increasing the likelihood of accidents and injuries. If you plan to consume alcohol, always arrange for a designated driver or use alternative means of transportation.

8. Do not take things for granted

Complacency is a dangerous mindset for any motorcyclist. Regardless of your experience level or the familiarity of a route, it’s crucial to never take things for granted. Stay vigilant, maintain a constant awareness of your surroundings, and expect the unexpected. By adopting this mindset, you will be better prepared to react to any sudden changes on the road.

9. Look front, be concentrated

Lastly, always keep your eyes focused on the road ahead and remain concentrated throughout your ride. Scanning the road allows you to anticipate potential hazards, such as potholes, debris, or vehicles making sudden maneuvers. By maintaining a clear line of sight and staying mentally present, you can react in a timely manner and make informed decisions that prioritize your safety.


In conclusion, in Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands to explore on a motorcycle. There are numerous different road landscapes including rural and city areas. Motorcycle awareness to prevent accident risk is crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring a safe riding experience. By adhering to speed limits, avoiding distractions, respecting traffic rules, understanding your environment, considering weather conditions, maintaining emotional stability, refraining from alcohol consumption, staying vigilant, and remaining focused, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with motorcycle riding. Remember, safety should always be your top priority on the road.

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