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At TT Motorcycle Rentals & Tours we are distinguishing ourselves from the love of the service and passion to spread the world of motorcycle and adventure to travelers.

We are putting the following words in the centre of dealing with our clientele:

“Treat your client as if you will meet again and again”

A bit simple words though they are basis of our dealing strategy and continuity over the years (we are one the longest running motorcycle rental and services companies in Cyprus after all).

This means that we see our clients not as a one off deal. This is a dangerous thinking (little tip for the new guys in the business) because something that keeps companies evolving and remaining strong is an inside will to serve and be genuine.

With the above mentions it is possible to see looking at our efforts were they origin. Our service starts even before the first point of contact.

From the moment somebody is reading reviews about us or when somebody is looking at our website.

Our effort to design a website that is easy to function, informative and professional has been the result of customer feedback and open chats with all.

When someone is interested in our business we go through the extra step and make ‘concierge’ style of service.

Without any benefit we always give our honest assistance with organizing staying, transportation and other. We love to be parts of great times and that is a feeling that is priceless.

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