Featuring: Honda Transalp XL 700

Honda XL700V Transalp

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In these featuring blogs we present different motorcycles available for rent from us at TT Motorcycle Rentals in Paphos.

Firstly read about the Honda Transalp 700cc XL as it is one of our favourite motorcycles.

We first had the joy to drive a Transalp as far as 2000 which was our 600cc touring for many years before.

Now our fleet consists of two beautiful Honda Transalp XL 700 year 2008 and 2011. They are both available for hire all year around.

Honda XL700V Transalp
Honda Transalp XL700V


There are a lot of reasons as to why this is an ideal motorcycle to tour around Cyprus.
First one is the ideal engine size. It is not really necessary to get an 1100cc bike whilst touring in the forestry areas. Because there is no real motorcycling in Cyprus without driving to some narrow streets and mountainous villages.

So since the 700cc is a perfect size for touring this doesn’t lacks space or power. A spacious seat and a large top box means comfort for two persons.


59.1HP and five gears for the V-Twin engine is what it takes to easily drive on motorways, steep hills or narrow turns.

The Transalp in comparison of a more modern bikes such as our Kawasaki Versus 650cc is the feeling of holding a less balanced bike. Of course this differs from model to model or driver.

Another noticeable thing to know before hiring this bike is that it is not offered as a dual sport. This means Road only. Akamas is banned therefore. As a solution of that an enduro bike like a 250cc or 350cc is offered in the package.

Overall we have here a very wise choice of motorcycle to drive in almost every destination in Cyprus without sacrificing comfort or power.

Even if the bike is not suitable for off road adventures there is always to option to swap with a suitable one.

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Written by Dimitris Iacovou


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