Featuring our new bike: Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Royal Enfield Bullet 500

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There is a Royal Enfield for hire in Paphos! Our second blog in our series of ‘Featuring Motorcycles’ couldn’t be anything else besides our new arrival (and first classic) the Royal Enfield Bullet 500.

Imagine a name and a design style that continues since the beginning of motorcycling around 30’s!

The modern Enfield whilst keeping its iconic design (It has even kept its kick start mechanism along with the electric!) has given emphasis to the reliability needs of the modern world. It is compliant with Euro IV requirements which means keeping the standards of lower gas emissions.

Royal Enfield Rental in Paphos
Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Pros for Hiring the Enfield

It feels like driving in the past an that gives an amazing feeling! With this bike you are driving with the same posture as riders use to nearly 90 years ago!
Besides the classic style there some technical goods we liked. For example the 19-inch wheels give a pretty good stability on the road.

It is not only for 1 person and also not for just in the town. There is a lot of power in the 499cc engine to carry easily two persons even at the highest points.


Ok for sure this motorcycle doesn’t belongs in the same category like a Transalp or other similar adventure bikes which are highly practical for Cyprus mixture of roads.

It is not suitable for off road driving. Of course not!

Interested for more? Royal Enfield for hire in Paphos: see more details such as specs and prices here.

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Written by Dimitris Iacovou


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